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Unitron Connect will make your IoT project a success. With its own research centre, manufacturing facility, quality control and validation labs, Unitron Connect is committed to add value to your use case.


Why working with Unitron Connect ?

The focus of many of today's IoT projects lies mostly on the service aspect of the innovation.  While this service aspect is very important, we also notice that a lot of these IoT projects struggle to get their product to the market.  According to Cisco, as many as three-quarters of all IoT projects are a flop.  Specifically, we at Unitron Connect see that many companies have difficulties to convert their prototypes (using plug-on boards such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi) to hardware that can be manufactured in large quantities at a competitive price.


Why working with Unitron Connect?

Unitron Connect will help you smoothly during each stage of your IoT project: from idea, project definition to market-ready solution:

  • finding the right hardware technology for your application
  • manufacture budget-friendly and robust hardware of sublime quality
  • in-house IoT monitoring platform that will fluently manage your solution

Part of UnitronGroup!

Unitron Connect is part of the UnitronGroup, a family owned international group of companies that develops, produces and sells telecommunication, multimedia and Internet of Things applications. Our strong Research and Development team with expertise in Radio-Frequency Engineering builds connected solutions used on all continents. By promoting the core values Connecting, Flexibility and Innovation, UnitronGroup is ambitious to grow further as a high-tech company, supplying electronic equipment to a wide range of markets. UnitronGroup’s solutions are available to many Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers and operators, under their own brand-names.

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Unitron Connect is part of the Unitron Group.  For more info, please visit www.unitrongroup.com.

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